When not broadcasting, Ieuan is also well-established as a motivational and entertaining corporate after-dinner speaker.

Ieuan continues to be an in-demand contributor with respected opinions across the business and sporting sectors and is a wonderful ambassador for not only the national sport of Wales that he represented with such distinction, but also for his nation as a whole.

Motivational speaker

Ieuan has delivered concise, comprehensive and knowledgeable motivational presentations to both industry and public sector organisations. His background as one of Wales’ greatest rugby players and a team captain has made Ieuan adept to encouraging a winning approach amongst any audience. Ieuan has not only gained the ability to engage the audience and convey complex corporate messages, but he is also capable of delivering thought-provoking, profound and inspirational speeches.

After-dinner speaker

Ieuan’s enthusiasm and experience both on and off the sporting arena can guarantee the roaring success of any event. His unique style, incorporating his warm, anecdotal and approachable personality, makes him appeal to a variety of audiences. Ieuan is comfortable in any surrounding and at any occasion, as his expertise lies within the careful tailoring of his speech contents to suit a particular target audience. Over the years, Ieuan has contributed to numerous events, ranging from small corporate get-togethers to large-scale sporting functions across the United Kingdom.

Media work

As a former international rugby player and captain and with a vast experience working for TV and print media, Ieuan can offer a knowledgeable, objective and informative commentary or analysis on any issue arising on or off the rugby field. Having worked for the BBC, ITV and currently Sky Sports for over a decade, Ieuan is well positioned to act as a commentator, interviewer or to provide in-studio punditry. His strong background in marketing and communications and his experience as a blog writer have shaped Ieuan as an accomplished columnist who can provide invaluable contributions to any newspaper or a magazine.