As one of the most established rugby personalities in Wales, Ieuan will be an invaluable asset to any organisation looking for a brand ambassador or for celebrity endorsement opportunities. Ieuan’s contribution across a range of corporate and social events and projects will help raise brand awareness and build strong relationships with the target audience.

Brand ambassador

Selecting the right brand ambassador is an essential part of a company’s marketing strategy. By picking the right person with the right set of skills, this marketing tool assists businesses to build an identity and expand their market reach. A brand ambassador should have the following essential skills and qualities:

  • Be knowledgeable – a brand ambassador automatically becomes a marketing representative of a company. They need to understand the market and have the necessary set of skills to learn. Ieuan’s extensive knowledge of the marketing and communications field, as well as his experience working for Blue Chip companies will be of significant asset to any organisation that requires a brand ambassador with an extensive knowledge of the market and the business environment.
  • Show leadership and initiative – in a world where the pace of change is ever increasing, leadership and initiative are among the most important skills companies need. Leaders need to be able to build a compelling vision and coalitions that will be powerful enough to ensure the achievement of their goals and objectives. Ieuan has worked for many years for Blue Chip companies where he has developed and delivered a range of leadership programmes, leveraging his knowledge of various leadership styles and techniques from his sporting background. In addition, Ieuan has, for many years, been a patron of the Windsor Leadership Trust.
  • Be a professional speaker – Ieuan is a diplomatic, but at the same a captivating speaker. His approachable and warm personality helps him engage in a variety of discussions. This is extremely important for a brand ambassador whose main purpose is to be the voice of the brand, initiating a dialogue with others and thus building a relationship between the brand and the target market.
  • Be a team player – seeing oneself as part of a team is crucial for a successful brand ambassador. Needless to say, being one of Wales’ greatest rugby players, team work is not unfamiliar to Ieuan. He is extremely driven and will always cooperate to ensure that the very details are covered and the goals achieved.

Product endorsement opportunities

For brands, celebrity endorsement can be an extremely effective marketing tool, which, if implemented correctly, has the potential to generate interest in a brand, increase sales and revenues and raise brand awareness. Ieuan can add credibility to a product or a service. His innovative and relationship-building skills can position it within the right market, target new markets and influence consumers’ purchasing patterns. All those will increase sales and revenues and will have positive impact on the organisation’s long term corporate and financial objectives.